We can provide the highest quality of service because our officers are committed to being the best at their work on and off the clock. We at MSI fuel their calling to serve through required training which collaborates classroom and field work provided by experts in the law enforcement and security fields.  Our trainings encompass:

Patrol Techniques   |   Building Search Procedures   |   Ethics   |   Criminal Law and Introductory Studies in Criminal Justice

Defense Tactics   |   Responding to Chemical and Biological Threats   |   Firearms (firearms certified officers only)

Radio Communications   |   Detailing (with a focus on constructing concise and precise reports)

Furthermore, we highly encourage our officers to extend their education by recommending resources, reading materials, and advising additional options for sharpening their skill set. Our priority isn’t simply in providing initial instruction, but keeping our officers up to date on the latest, greatest, and site specific procedures for the unparalleled protection that you deserve.