Security Services in Bloomington, IN

Security services being provided at a Bloomington, IN airport

Too many folks wait until something bad happens before they start thinking about protecting themselves and their assets. Here at MSI we provide both high quality preventative and reactive services that have earned us our reputation as ever vigilant. Whether you are reacting or preventing, at MSI, we believe in serving our community by providing only the best and most budget-friendly services so that you can prevent break-ins without breaking your bank. Call us today for a consultation on how our security team may best serve you.

MSI Security Services

Uniformed Security       |       Plain Clothes Security       |       Undercover Surveillance       |       Bar & Club Services

Carding for Alcohol Consumption       |        Crowd Control       |       Concerts and Events       |       Parking

Site Monitoring       |       Monitoring Maintenance Crews       |       Perimeter Patrols       |       Building Secures

Securing Sites After Hours (construction/equipment)       |       Special Occasion Security       |       Bodyguarding

Site Security

Going on vacation shouldn’t mean leaving your home vulnerable. Closing up for the night at work shouldn’t equate to a flashing “OPEN for business” sign for intruders. Let us at MSI put your mind at ease knowing you’ve hired uniformed officers in marked vehicles implementing proper patrol and building search techniques to keep your sites secure.

We are happy to offer discounts to groups of businesses or homes that book together. Talk to your neighbors and give us a call today!


First Contact For Alarms

Burglar alarms can be life savers…or budget busters. Alarm systems are highly responsive and sensitive and as a result, very good at what they do but very easy to accidentally set off. When the false alarm notifies your monitor’s company, in a short period of time the police will arrive to check the premises. If it’s an accurate alert, then great! If not, you will often be charged with a hefty fine for their troubles. At MSI, our services act as a first response with your monitor’s company when the alarm reacts. One of our trained officers will arrive on site to evaluate the situation and carry out the appropriate response. When your alarm goes wrong, we’ll be there to ensure that your property is alright.

Security Systems

Not sure if live site security is for you? We also offer state of the art Security Alarm & Video Surveillance systems and installation for added protection 24 hours a day. Our systems are the most up-to-date and easiest to use out on the market today. We’re happy to provide consultations to help you decide what level of security is the best fit for you.

Security Evaluations

Curious to see how your current security measures rank? Interested in taking protection into your own hands? We now offer minimal cost consultations by our trained officers to assess your home or business and inform you on how to increase the level of security on your property immediately. Call for more information.